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Damn noise-maker

Quantum Vibe - Strip 1077 First Seen: Tue 2015-04-21

The sci-fi adventures of a girl, a mad scientist, and a robot.
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Quantum Vibe X 1000! [ Apr 17, 2015 ]

  Quantum Vibe Times 1000!

Today's (April 17, 2015) Quantum Vibe strip is the one thousandth strip of the Quantum Vibe saga. (This does not include the "Leap of Faith" guest strips, or the "Tales From The Front," "Our Story Thus Far" and other fillers which had pushed our total update count past 1,000 several weeks previously.)

Not many web-comics make it to the 1,000-strip milestone, and we thank our readers for staying with us through this epic story, especially those of you who have supported us with your purchases and donations. We would never have made it this far without you.

So, sit back and take in your place in history. Do you hear birds chirping? Drink deeply the sights, sounds, and smells of the moment. Or maybe have a drink. We have.

New Colorist [ Jan 15, 2015 ]

We are pleased to announce that Lea Jean Badelles, who had filled in as a temporary colorist for Zeke Bieser last Spring, is joining us as our regular colorist. She colored the Leap of Faith guest strip for us and is doing the colors over Scott's line art going forward. Lea Jean hails from the Philippines, and you can see some of her other work at her Deviant Art page.

Zeke is continuing on his own, doing commission work and a bit of real-life work out from underneath his father's shadow. We wish him the best.


The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Nigel rushes to Buford's side, as she is bent forward, shaking, with her hands over her ears.
Nigel: Buford! Are you hurt?
Buford: Gimme a minute, I
Buford: I can't hear a shucking t'ing!

Panel 2
Nigel glowers at Nicole, who shrinks back with a guilty look. Li is beckoning from the right of the panel.
Nigel: You and your damn noise-maker!
Nicole: I I'm ...
Li: Hurry, people, there are more coming!
Panel 3
The squad proceeds forward, approaching an intersection. The beltapes are falling a bit behind. Li is talking to Nicole, who is a bit to the rear on his right, Murphy is on his left (stage right) and starting to peer around the corner.
Li: Maybe you should put the pistol away, save your ammo.
Li: You're good enough with your shovel, anyway.
Panel 4
Murphy suddenly pulls Li back just in time to dodge a high power laser beam lancing out from around the corner. The beltapes, in the rear, are looking at each other and don't notice
Li: Ho shit!

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