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Quantum Vibe - Strip 973 First Seen: Wed 2014-11-26

The sci-fi adventures of a girl, a mad scientist, and a robot.
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Scott @ Libertopia 2014 [ Oct 14, 2014 ]

Hey Kids! Scott's going to Libertopia in San Diego, CA this year, November 13 - 16. If you're planning to attend, or in the area, check it out, and say "Hi" to Scott. Stay tuned for more announcements!

What We Saw At Austin Comic Con 2014 [ Oct 7, 2014 ]


The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Karen, Johanna's assistant, approaches Nicole and Murphy from an intersecting corridor.
Karen: Ms. Oresme, may I have a word?
Nicole: Uh, sure.
Panel 2
Karen and Nicole, as Murphy looks on.
Karen: With Dr. Diamondi's departure, I become station administrator, but that leaves us short-staffed.
Karen: Your credentials are excellent, and I would like you to consider staying on here in our operations section.
Nicole: Are you serious?
Panel 3
Medium shot of Karen, putting on her best diplomat face.
Karen: I hope you won't take what happened personally, Ms. Oresme.
Karen: I'm not a member of that 'Children of Armageddon' cult, I assure you.
Karen: I didn't even know what Jo Dr. Diamondi was up to until the day before your arrival.
Panel 4
Now it's Nicole's turn to be diplomatic as she turns to continue on with Murphy. Karen looks puzzled.
Nicole: Well, it's a few days before the next boat leaves, so I'll take the time to think about that, thanks.
Nicole: See you at dinner? Got things to do now, bye.

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