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Quantum Vibe
Strip 2002 of Quantum Vibe
Today on Quantum Vibe: Legless
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First Seen: Wed 2019-09-25
Story & Art: Scott Bieser - Sci-Fi Adventure Monday & Thursday.
Creepy moves in darkness dares discovery.
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Quantum Vibe

A thousand years in the future, humanity has colonized worlds in nearly 100 galaxies, thanks to Quantum Vibremonic technologies developed five centuries earlier. Other new technologies have created various off-shoots of humanity and extended life expectancies five-fold. The story begins with how a mad scientist and his plucky assistant, along with their robot friend, brought humanity to the stars, and continues with the adventures of some unique people in fantastic places.

Quantum Vibe: This Means War (Part 1) - By Scott Bieser

We Made It! [ Jun 2, 2022 ]

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The crowdfunding campaign for QUANTUM VIBE: This Means War Part 2 made its goal one day before the closing, and climbed a bit over the top in the final day.

Over the next week Scott will design the back cover and assemble the book pages for printing. We expect to have the printed books (as well as the cards and T-shirts) on hand in the second half of June and will ship them out to backers ASAP.

(The e-book version will also be released by then and we'll announce that date when we have it locked down.)

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Transcript For Strip 2002

Panel 1
Back at the hearing, Montoya addresses the arbiters.
Caption (Bok): The hearing resumes:
Montoya: Hayami Leigh was not merely an employee of Alyss Roaz. She betrayed Roaz at a critical moment, resulting in the destruction of Roaz' former biological body.
Montoya: But like most of us, Roaz had created a 'back-up' of her personality and memories and those were restored to the artificial body who sits with us now.
Panel 2
Looking back at Montoya, we see Roaz, Diana and company at their table. Diana is casting a sympathetic glance at Roaz, who is a bit downcast.
Montoya: While Roaz' personality was being restored, Hayami was found dead.
Montoya: Not only was her plancktronic brain destroyed, her back-up container came up missing.
Montoya: She could neither be restored nor assist in identifying her killers.
Panel 3
Focus now on Sergio Cooper, looking thoughrfully stoic. The others on their side are glancing side-eyed at him.
Montoya (OP): As her assurance agency, Smith & Holder investigated Hayami's murder, but after a few cycles could find no solid leads.
Montoya (OP): When such a renowned agency gave up the case, Roaz was left to ponder her situation. You don't have to be a genius to suspect that those responsible may have prompted Hayami's betrayal and were covering their tracks.
Panel 4
Montoya faces the arbiters again, who are looking slightly amused.
Montoya: This is why Roaz engaged the services of Juan Gómez and Diana Martelli, to find those responsible. Their contract is in the record.
Montoya: Not some secret experiments funded by de Castries, of which Roaz knew nothing.
Montoya: That particular theory has no legs, as the saying goes.
Montoya: Obviously I know all about having no legs.

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