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Strip 785 of Quantum Vibe
Today on Quantum Vibe: Achieving incoherence
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First Seen: Fri 2014-03-07
Story & Art: Scott Bieser - Colors: Zeke Bieser
Sci-Fi Adventure Monday - Wednesday - Friday.
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Quantum Vibe

A thousand years in the future, humanity has colonized worlds in nearly 100 galaxies, thanks to Quantum Vibremonic technologies developed five centuries earlier. Other new technologies have created various off-shoots of humanity and extended life expectancies five-fold. The story begins with how a mad scientist and his plucky assistant, along with their robot friend, brought humanity to the stars, and continues with the adventures of some unique people in fantastic places.

Quantum Vibe: Château Périlleux - By Scott Bieser w/Lea Jean Badellas & Gus Mendes

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Transcript For Strip 785

Panel 1
In the shuttlecraft headed back to Trosberg. Now Murphy is driving, while Nicole rides shotgun, and Seamus is in one of the middle-section seats.
Nicole: It's like deja-vu all over again.
Nicole: Seamus can't see, and an android is flying us home.
Murphy: This happened before?

Panel 2
Nicole and Murphy:
Nicole: At Staisin tan, orbiting Venus. Seamus was temporarily blinded by the flash-transfer.
Nicole: We were also confronted by some Wokka-DNG-Hoy nasties.

Panel 3
Angle to show Seamus behind the girls.
Seamus: We don't need to worry about them, out here.
Seamus: Wokka-DNG-Hoy has no presence in the Outer System.
Murphy: Nicole, what about that 'self-induced trance' business?

Panel 4
Medium shot of Murphy, looking tired, explaining.
Nicole: I didn't think I could pull off such a whopper of a lie when we were interrogated by those Omega Tek goons.
Nicole: Not when I knew my bio-functions were also being monitored.
Nicole: So I had to come up with another way to not tip them off.

Panel 5
Nicole and Murphy.
Nicole: Your um meltdown aboard the Argosy gave me an idea.
Nicole: I can tweak the outputs of my implant to induce a dissociated state rendering me incoherent.
Nicole: Apparently, it worked.

Panel 6
Exterior view of the shuttle craft flying over the Ganymedian surface, towards the domed city of Trosberg.
Nicole (from craft): The problem was, once in that state I wasn't able to bring myself out of it.
Nicole: Eventually, I think I'd have fallen into a normal sleep, and awakened later.
Murphy (from craft): But the data-flash snapped you out of it?

Panel 7
Nicole smiles slyly at Murphy, who looks cornered.
Nicole: It was your tongue action, you naughty robot-girl.
Nicole: You know what that does to me.
Murphy: I only meant to provoke an involuntary response, to force your eyes open.
Panel 8
Nicole and Murphy, and we can see Seamus leaning over between the seats.
Nicole: You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, Murphy.
Murphy: I swear that wasn't meant as a sexual advance.
Seamus: Can you two continue this discussion some place I don't have to listen to it?

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